Telling story of kids deserted by fathers

UPLIFTING CHILDREN: Cinga Dyala, author of ‘Sihle Tells the Tale’ Picture: SUPPLIED

NDEVANA local, Cinga Dyala is the author of the book Sihle Tells the Tale, which tackles the issue of absent fathers and how it affects children’s.

“We overlook the emotional damages caused by the absence of parents in children’s lives, and this book gives insight on the brokenness and depression that children harbour in their hearts due to absent parents,” said the 30-year-old author.

Her inspiration to write the book was due to the fact that stories of absent fathers are not told enough, and yet children, and also adults, are often left broken by this very prevalent situation in families today.

“I took it upon myself to be the voice of the voiceless, and express the struggles of what a child goes through when growing up,” she said.

Her book was launched in Ginsberg at the Steve Biko Centre.

The former Enoch Sontonga High School pupil said the main challenge that she faced was trying to find a publisher for her book.

The challenge, she said, was the reason  most writers gave up on getting their books published.

Dyala owns an entertainment and events company, and is a founder of an artist movement called the World of Art Movement, and a Kid’s childen’s drama society, Iingcambu Zempumelelo Creative Arts.

“As the World of Art Movement, we visit schools and orphanages homes in Mdantsane, introducing art in its purest form.
“The main objective is to take children off the streets and mould them into becoming better versions of themselves through art,” she said.

“Some of the children who we meet at the schools also end up joining our Kids’ Drama Society.

“With a grant from Business and Arts South Africa and support from the Department of Education and Buffalo City Municipality, we are now hosting an Arts Festival for the kids, named “Inkcubeko Yomntwana Arts Festival”, which is aimed at celebrating and embracing the skills and talents of children in a society that is misinformed about art and what it is all about.”

Dyala said the festival would will include the cater for performing arts, visual arts, language and literature, as well as and also modelling.

“The festival will be hosted at the Mdantsane Indoor Sports Centre from on the 27th to the 29th July 27 to 29.

“We have chosen to host the festival in July because it is the Mandela Month and we are well aware of the fact that Nelson Mandela was fond of children and strongly believed in child development,” she said.

“So we want to carry on with his legacy and ensure a better society through helping to develop children.”

People can get a copy of Sihle Tells the Tale by either contacting Dyala on at 078-978-0822 or by e-mailing her at:


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