Local Female DJ mixes up a sound storm

Zimasa Maselwa aka Thee Phoenix

MUSIC may seem like a male-dominated industry, but female DJ Zimasa Maselwa, 29, popularly known as Thee Phoenix, has been breaking down gender boundaries by making a name for herself on the local dance scene.

Maselwa, 29, who hails from Amalinda, said she has always been passionate about music and how it brings people together.

“I have always enjoyed music, but what really got me into deejaying was watching other DJs. But it was at a house party while I was in Cape Town, that I became intrigued by the the turntable skills  and I think that’s when I fell in love with the whole industry,” she said.

When she returned to East London, she later joined a Mdantsane DJ crew that had a residency at one of the local taverns.

“That’s where I learnt the art of playing at different venues and for a diverse audience which helped me find my sound,” said Maselwa.

She counts not being treated the same as their male counterparts as one some of the challenges that female DJs face in the industry.

“Some of the challenges that we face are the same challenges as many other females in the workplace. Challenges like not being paid or booked the same or as frequently as our male counterparts,” Maselwa said.

“I see myself playing at some of the big festivals in Africa and becoming a reputable brand in the entertainment industry,” she said about her future.

“I would also like to challenge promoters, event organisers, clubs and radio stations to hire at least one female DJ dj in for events.”

Maselwa has played alongside household names such as Euphonik, DJ Tira, PH and DJ Tulz. She is currently a resident DJ at News Cafe,  Hemingways



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