Stirling celebrates its many successes

Stirling High School celebrated its Founders Day over the weekend, which consisted of two music evenings, an assembly, and a derby day against Cambridge.

According to principal Doug Prior, Founders Day is “about the people who have added value to our school”.

WINNING BIG: Daniel Brodie, right, poses with his music teacher, Jacques du Plessis, as he is awarded the Founders Day Award at the Stirling Founders Day, for his many accomplishments in the field of music

“The questions we need to ask are: Who are the people that made a difference so we could benefit from their hard work and commitment to Stirling?
“Who was involved in creating the buildings and facilities that we enjoy today?
“Who were the people with the dreams and aspirations that led to what we see today on our campus?”

The guest speaker at of the assembly was Okuhle Joyi from the class of 2008.
During his time at Stirling, Joyi played first team rugby for four years, was selected for the Border Under 16A and U18A rugby teams, and was also deputy headboy.

“If you’re someone who likes to complain, about your uniform or your teachers, about the school rules or your peers, look around you,” said Joyi. “There is nothing negative about this school. And if you’re complaining, then you’re actually wasting your time.

“Look around and see how blessed you are,” he said.

At the end of the assembly, deputy principal Alan Webster and Stirling music teacher Jacques du Plessis presented the Founders Day award to Daniel Brodie for his many accomplishments in the field of music, which include earning Special Mentions (90% or above) in every piano performance he gave at the East London Eisteddfod; taking part in the Stellenbosch Piano Symposium in both 2016 and 2018, as well as the International Chamber Music Festival, also in Stellenbosch; and being consistently ranked as one of the top young pianists in the country.

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