Soup Challengers turn up the heat

IN THE POT: The winning team at the Kei Mouth Soup Challenge are, from left, Andrew Baisley, Tarryn McKay, Sanet Lombard, Megan Coetzee, Belinda Wiessener Johannessen and Pat Flanagan

Kei Mouth Country Club hosted Morgan Bay at their Annual Soup Challenge on Thursday, which saw competitors cooking up their various recipes in the hopes they would win the pot of the day.

Competitors presented their various recipes in the hopes that they would be judged the best soup.

The challenge was started by Kei Mouth Country Club president Andrew Baisley in 2002 but fell off the annual calendar for a few years.

It was revived last year, with Morgan Bay winning the contest by just one point.

Kei Mouth Country Club chef Jono Lucas said that their Kei Mouth Mouth’s soup- makers had been working hard to perfect their top recipes to satisfy this year’s judges.

“The main purpose is to bring the community together for a fun social evening,” Lucas said.

“Although it is a small town, there are people who don’t get to see each other often.

“I used to be a minion in the Mövenpick kitchen and the soup I made used to be a top-seller.

“I’m hoping to spark their nostalgia.”

Lucas said the tasting and scoring was done blind-folded, without any of the judges knowing who had made it.

“Once the tastings are done, the scores are tallied and the winning team is awarded a case of wine, as well as year-long bragging rights,” he said.


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