Young stars steal show

A packed auditorium at Stirling High School was wowed by the musical talent of pupils showcasing The Wizards of Broadway on Friday night.

The play was written, produced and directed by Daniel Anderson, with Hannah Moerdyk performing alongside him, while Daniel Brodie lent his piano prowess.

Anderson, 18, said it this was a very collaborative effort and they had rehearsed for three weeks, for about two hours a day.

MUSICAL DUO: Daniel Anderson, left, and Hannah Moerdyk end off ‘The Wizards of Broadway’ with a cabaret Picture: AMANDA NANO

“It comprises of composers who that have made an impact on theatre, combined with a personal touch of my favourites,” said Anderson said.

One of the pieces performed was an adaptation of  The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and My Hyde,  where with Anderson showing his adaptive style by switching between the two personas.

Anderson and Moerdyk ended off the evening singing Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors.

“Working together with great friends and having a good attitude is what holds manes a good show,” Anderson said.


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