King barman also handy on bowling green

Headman Ngonyama has been a household name in King William’s Town for many years, and is affectionately referred to as “Heady” by locals.

GOLDEN EMPLOYEE: King Bowling Club barman Headman Ngonyama doing what he does best: bowling and bar duty

The 67-year-old, who is the current barman at the King William’s Town Bowling Club, started working there back in 2007.

Ngonyama has worked at many clubs as a barman over the years.

“I started working at Alberts in 1971, when I played rugby for the club’s third team as a flank, then I was hired by the King Golf Club.

“Keith Kieck was the captain at the golf club at the time and he took me away to Wallies Bottle Store, where I worked for 17 years.

“Keith taught me a lot about being a good barman,” he said.

When he resigned from Wallies, he was hired by the new owner of the King Club, Garfield Botha.

After working a two-year stint there, he spent another two years working at Pirates Sports Club, before King bowler Nolan Hayidakis offered him the job at the King William’s Town Bowling Club.

“It was there that the late Gwynne Beamish encouraged me to take up bowls.

“He gave me two sets of bowls and started coaching me, and in 2015 I won the President’s Eight singles title. I felt really good,” Ngonyama said.

Asked what he enjoyed about being a barman, Ngonyama said: “I have been able to meet so many people and have made many friends over the years.

“But there’s also a lot of responsibility that goes with the job and I have accepted that.”

Asked for comment regarding Headman,Speaking of Ngonyama, King Bowling Club president Gordon McCune summed it up nicely by saying: “He’s worth his weight in gold.”


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