Pizza boxes his chosen canvas

HUNGER FOR ART: Passionate artist Sesihle Nogqule at the Love of Art exhibition at the Queens Casino Hotel in Komani recently Picture: SONJA RAASCH

Pizza boxes are usually tossed in the bin once their contents have been are consumed, but local artist Sesihle Nogqule 24, who uses the boxes as canvases for his artwork.

The 24-year-old, who studied electrical engineering at is a Walter Sisulu University (WSU), later decided to pursue his passion for art.

“My passion started when I was still in primary school,” Nogqule said.

“I was fascinated by drawing things in class while the teacher was teaching, and showing them off to my classmates.

“The compliments and reactions I got from my classmates made me realise that I am quite talented. That is when I took it seriously and perfected my skills.”

Nogqule started using pizza the boxes to paint on his canvas because he could not afford to buy canvases.

“I started using the boxes for my art, while enjoying pizza.

“I see food as art and I depict the societal struggles through my work.

“The person who inspired me in pursuing art was my grade 4 teacher.

“He saw my potential and always gave us challenges during art class to draw any object on the school grounds,” Nogqule said.

His work is currently displayed at the Peep Show Exhibition in East London’s Anne Bryant Art Gallery and at the Love of Art exhibition at the Queens Casino Hotel in Komani.

“I don’t think our province is exposed to art enough as I see a lack of black people exhibiting their work, and many young people I know think art is just a waste of time.

“My aspiration is to change people’s perspectives and to create art projects using recycled products.

“I want to give the youth hope and inspire others to do the same.

“The possibilities are endless with art, everything around us is made of art. God our creator is the artist, we just need to try to emulate His beautiful works,” he said.


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