SPCA in desperate need

King William’s Town SPCA is in dire need of all kind of animal food as a result of an influx of strays animals that were brought in to the facility in collected in August.

SPCA committee member Annette Rademeyer said that they had 29 poisoned dogs had been admitted to their facility.

“If we could have a donation of puppy and adult dog pellets, as well as food for the cats, it would really go a long way,” Rademeyer said.

SAFE HAVEN: A stabbed dog, one of 29 injured or poisoned dogs rescued in Alice in August and brought to the SPCA Picture: SUPPLIED

She said that with the onset of the tick season in September, there was also an influx of cats into the facility

“We’re also appealing for fodder for the cattle and goats that come in. On Tuesday we had 14 cattle arrive,” she said.

One of the challenges the SPCA has is slow adoption of animals by members of the public.

“Unfortunately, we won’t take in vicious dogs because they won’t be fit for adoption. In this case, we’re forced to put them down.”

A Bikers’ Breakfast to be held on October 7 will raise funds for animal food.

“We will also have the SPCA Potjie Fun Day on October 28 where there’ll be a lot of family fun at the Pirates Club,” Rademeyer said.

The community is encouraged to take part and put up a stall at a nominal fee of R60.

“You can sell anything you have in your garages and the proceeds can go straight to your pockets,” she added.

The organisation can be contacted on 043-643- 6008 or readers can visit their Facebook page, King William’s Town SPCA.


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