King karate school welcomes 12 new graduates

Twelve excited students from the Shotokan Circle of Karate graduated at the Dale Junior Hall in Albert Road in King William’s Town on Friday October 05. Instructor Sensei Renier Roets said: “The spirit amongst the students was high with a little bit of nerves settling in beforehand. Each student had to carry out the selected Kata, Kihon and Kumite to illustrate competence before progressing to the next belt.”

Shotokan is a style of karate developed from various martial arts and it is the most widely practised style in the world. Since it’s opening in February, the karate club has seen a steady increase in new members.

The new graduates from the Shotokan Circle of Karate and their teachers. Picture: ZAVELA MAKWABE

“Opening up a dojo in King Williams Town was long overdue and it showed. I was inundated with phone calls and messages from parents who wanted to enroll their kids and some wanting more information on training times and costs involved.

“We are growing and training is done with enthusiasm. The older members are eager to assist and help new members adjust and understand the different techniques and training requirements,” said Sensei Renier.

The club was thrilled by the feedback that was received from Head Sensei Sean ‘O Connell, that the grading that was of these karatekas was of good quality.  “We are very happy and we’re now eagerly looking forward to our forthcoming event in Queenstown on the 20th of this month and the next one planned for the 27th and 28th in Grahamstown.

“Our hope is to enable the students to defend themselves when the need arises. With the crime rate and petty crimes being on the rise, having karate is good backing as it can assist you if you find yourself in a tight situation.

“Our intake is from the ages of five and upwards, I believe you are never too young or old to defend yourself.”

According to Sensei Renier, doing karate strengthens the body and mind, keeping you physically and mentally fit while also teaching discipline and developing character

Shotokan and self defence classes take place every Tuesdays and Friday evening from 5 to 6 o’clock in the evening at the Dale Junior Hall in Albert Road. Anyone interested can contact Renier Roets on 083 321 3522.


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