DCS women staff enjoy team-building session

Department of correctional services (DCS) Amathole management area women employees staged a successful team-building session in East London last Thursday.

Among subjects on the agenda were breast cancer awareness, sharing common knowledge about personal information and educating one another on self-checking.

UNITED AGAINST BREAST CANCER: DCS Amathole management area officials enjoy a team-building exercise session where breast cancer awareness was one of the topics of discussion

Area commissioner Nolitha Mangxila, during her presentation, said women were the leaders of households and if there was no leadership at home you would see ‘ijenteyis’,  poverty and ill-discipline.

She also addressed sexual harassment in the work place.

“We are flowers, yes but a flower can also be admired from afar without having to be touched or picked, especially if it is not yours,” she said.

Mangxila said the DCS had launched a sexual harassment policy to protect its employees.

“We should not be victims. All of us must know how to identify it and report it and I will ask the Employee Assistant Practitioner (EAP) to do a roadshow to all centres in the management area which includes Middledrift, Fort Beaufort, Stutterheim, Makana [Grahamstown] and King William’s Town to conduct and present the sexual harassment policy to all employees.”

Mangxila motivated and encouraged officials, especially young employees, to study and empower themselves with education.


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