Step up for dance academy

The annual Dynamic Body Studio’s dance academy will once again open its doors for newcomers and returning members, starting on December 3 and running until December 18.

Applications are open for to both boys and girls of various age groups – ages groups from mini, juniors to seniors.

Dance academy owner Vicky Luff said that no previous dance experience is necessary.

“This will be a little bit more intensive than the June holiday club. Dance styles include Spanish, hip-hop and gumboot dancing to name but a few,” Luff said.

BODY LANGUAGE: Dancers at 2017’s last year’s showcase of Dynamic Body Studio which took place at the Guild Theatre Picture: SUPPLIED

Mini’s are for ages six to nine, where they can learn up to four dance styles. Juniors are between 10 and 13 years old and have an option of learning up to as many as 10 dance styles. Seniors are from age 13 and upwards, learning a minimum of eight styles.

“It’s rewarding to see a child’s smile after learning. Also giving an opportunity to those that have never danced in their life but have given their heart and effort to the process,” Luff said.

Talented dance instructors include Sonwa Sakuba, Unathi Xenti, Kurt Ruiters and Nicole Joka.

Luff added that children of different ages and from all walks of life can come together where they have a universal language of dance.

Applications close on November 18. The academy fee will include a T-shirt and a DVD of the showcase performance on December 18 at the Guild Theatre.

For more information, contact Luff on 073-941-6893 or


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