Off to world champs

LOVE AND MUSCLES: Jaime Griffiths and Stephen Strydom are competing in the PCA World Championships in the UK Picture: SUPPLIED

East London bodybuilding couple Jaime Griffiths and Stephen Strydom have jetted off to represent SA at the Physical Culture Association (PCA) World Championships in at Birmingham, in the UK.

The couple were chosen at the PCA South African Championships in Gauteng in September after qualifying at Border level.

“I was selected in 2017 but was unable to go. My goal for this year was to be selected,” Griffiths said.

Having led an active sporting life, she found bodybuilding as a goal to work towards, after moving from the UK to SA with her daughter.

For Stephen, he Strydom has always been an avid gym goer.

“Last year I decided to step on to the stage for the first time. Now i just want to better myself every time,” he said.

Griffiths competes as a trained figure athlete, while Strydom competes as a muscle model.

On the question of the feminine form,With regard to female bodybuilders, Griffiths said everyone had has opinions and every person had has the right to look the way they chose.

“I prefer to be a strong, fit, muscular and healthy woman. Your body is a temple,” she said.

She said there were different divisions for women bodybuilders, from ranging between least to most muscular. to and most muscular.

Strydom said he enjoyed enjoys his weight training and also low-intensity steady state training (Liss) on an empty stomach every morning.

“My main food sources are chicken, beef, hake, sweet potato and brown or basmati rice, at an average of five or six meals a day,” he said.

For Griffiths, training changes throughout the year, and having a good off-season can contribute to a good on-season.

“I like to run and to do obstacle course racing.

“As I get closer to a show, I do a morning cardio session and then a weights session in the afternoon,” she said.

The qualified nutritionist and food lover consumes about five to six meals a day.
Protein, vegetables, avocado and Macadamia nut butter make up her food sources.

Griffiths and Strydom plan to do their best to bring home some awards and would like to thank their friends families, friends, clients and sponsors for their encouragement and support


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