Weeping mom leaves court on hearing child’s testimony

The mother of the 14-year-old girl who was allegedly prostituted by four women in Whittlesea in 2016 rushed out of the courtroom crying as her daughter told the court how she was sold to men for sex.

The victim told the Komani Regional Court how one of the men she was sold to, who was old enough to be her father, paid R80.

Xolelwa Garhisha, Yolanda Klaas, Zintle Tom and Nwabisa Kaziwa are facing charges of human trafficking while Harun Mohammed faces charges of statutory rape.

“After selling me to two [men] on the first day, on the second day they took me to another cash and carry where they sold me to an old man with a big belly. After the man had sex with me we went back home and they brought me to a another man in the same shop who also had sex with me,” she told the court.

The trial continues.

Tembile Sqgolana


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