Men called to be role models,not destroyers


About 100 people attended the Men of Integrity Association’s (MIA) celebration of celebrated International Men’s Day on Friday at the Indoor Sport Centre in Mdantsane. The event saw local residents and members of different organisations taking part.

The GO & Express reported (“Day of prayer for men in Mdantsane” November 23) that “the vision and mission of the association is to revive the dignity of manhood through teaching and mentoring men so that they can appreciate their positions, purpose, functioning and divine ordination as God’s image and glory”.

Day of prayer for men in Mdantsane

The association’s chairperson and co-founder, Sabelo Peter, said they decided to hold the event take the celebrations in to Mdantsane because the association wanted to raise awareness of gender-based violence against women and children within the community.

“Mdantsane is the second- biggest township in the country and gender-based violence is high,” Peter said.

“The attendance was beyond our expectations as the hall was almost full with young people who are willing to make a difference in the community.

“We do not have a shortage of men in our society. Our struggle today is the quality of men not the quantity of men.

“Quality men in every sphere of influence – in government, education, business. The state capture commission among other commissions are a true reflection of the quality of men that we have in our society.”

Peter said the abuse of power, women, children and even other men was is a growing concern.

The reason the country had has prisons and juvenile centres full of men could can be attributed to a number of reasons, he said.

“A positive male role model is a man of purpose – he desires to know why he was born a man in the first place.

“It’s time to take our position as men and protect our sisters and mothers and become community builders, not destroyers,” Peter said.

He called on all men to “play a positive role” in their communities.


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