Spinners bring excitement to Zwelitsha

Dozens of car lovers and enthusiasts gathered at Baby Swag Playground in Zwelitsha near King William’s Town for the La Gardi Spin Bash, the first event of its kind in the area.

The event was the brainchild of Ntuthuzelo Mbeseza, of Baby Swag, along with Furzana and Yaeesh Lagardien, of La Gardi Towing.

The aim of the event was is to try and revive and create an environment for entertainment in the area, especially for children.

Children were entertained with jumping castles, a pool and battery-operated cars that they could can drive.

“I was given this space to use by our ward councillor Sindiswa Skepe after I made a proposal. The area was starting to attract drug users after not being used for a long time,” Mbeseza said.

The spinning event also raised funds for the less fortunate families in the township.

“A portion of the funds will go towards buying groceries. Together with the ward councillor, we will have an intervention programme where we identify homes in need,” Mbeseza said.

Furzana Largardien said the this initiative was part of their charity events.

“We wanted to start like something like this for the area, and also because there’s a lack of entertainment,” Largardien said.

Niven Williams, who travelled from came as far as Port Elizabeth to compete in the event, said spinning was describing it as “a family sport”.

“I’ve been spinning for five years now. and you must have driving skills. For me the adrenaline starts when the tyre is about to burst,” he said. Williams said.

Another spinning event will take place at the venue on December 22.


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