First Mr and Miss BCM crowned


WINNING SPARKLE: FIRST WINNERS: The winners of Mr and Miss BCM are, back from from left, second prince Jeffreys Mkokeli, Mr BCM Hlumisa Ngqeleni and first prince Mkhuseli Kalawe. Front from left are second princess Ongezwa Mpambani, Miss BCM Thimna Qakwane and first princess Siviwe Xatyana Picture:SUPPLIED

The inaugural Mr and Miss BCMM pageant took place last Friday at the Orient Theatre.

Mdantsane-born Thimna Qakwane, 18, was crowned as Miss BCM and Beacon Bay resident Hlumisa Ngqeleni, 24, was Mr BCM.

Qakwane is a former Greenpoint Senior Secondary School pupil who aspires to be a radiographer, and Ngqeleni is a Witwatersrand University graduate and a project co-ordinator at Lulutho Grooming School.

“It is a blessing and overwhelming, but as the first queen, I have to set the standard for the following winners and portray the vision and mission of the pageant,” said Qakwane.

Qakwane said she had found out about the pageant on the day of the audition and was the last candidate to enter, being fortunate enough to arrive when they were getting ready to pack up.

Qakwane and Ngqeleni believe it’s a platform to empower young people, develop the metro and be an inspirational figure to their peers.

“Mr and Miss BCM is an initiative that gives young people a platform to let their voice be heard. Youth in the creative arts within the metro can showcase their skill and gain necessary exposure to obtain a client database as well as to encourage tourism within the Metro and youth participation in development related issues,” said Qakwane.

The winners were tasked with writing a calendar of activities they would do if they were would be crowned and this winners which had a 10% contribution towards their score.

Qakwane’s calendar focused on youth empowerment, social development, rural development and several charity activities.

Ngqeleni’s calendar focused on fatherhood.

“The present father project is the future of the nation in which it seeks to provide solutions and answers to the challenges that are posed to society. This is an initiative that will focus on the cure rather than treatment, a better safe than sorry objective, which completes the missing pieces of the puzzle.”

“This is the project that empowers black men in our communities and this leads to a strong stable society. I believe that the God given purpose of a man is to protect and provide for the family and if that purpose is not fulfilled, there is a crippling within the entire structure of society and this leads to all socio-economic issues faced,” he said.

The contestants were judged based on team work, self-recognition and stage presence. There was also a public’s choice award, obtained by the contestant with the most votes and powered by Vodacom South Africa.

The winners of the respective public choice awards were Siviwe Xatyana and Jeffreys Mkokeli.


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