NOT SUCH NICE WEATHER of late, so not many photo’s … and yet walk I will … These were taken in the week of 3 December (so my apologies for the late upload). #PhotosUnedited

ABNORMAL: Ahhh, so this is what you call a Road House.
ISLAND OF DREAMS … not in the normal sense of the word, and yet … sometime somewhere someone dreamed of having an office / housing development here so I suppose yes, this could be referred to as that.
FELLOW TRAVELLER: I have absolutely no idea who this is …. suffice to say he’s a fellow walker on the same trail. Oh, and his shirt matches the blue sky.
SLIPPER-RY SLOPE: Recently, our beloved City / Metro was held to ransom and was indeed on a slippery slope. These were found alongside the high pile of rubbish that was growing steadily near our work place.
PRETTY IN PINK: I love nature – it is so resilient. Look at these pretty little blooms pushing through regardless of the hardships it will face along the way – yes, they know that once they have broken through the hard soil, the rubble and rubbish, they will see sunlight. (Life Lesson?)
SPREADING HAPPINESS: These 2 plants, being of the same plant genus could have grown right next to each other where they would have probably been more comfortable. And yet … they choose to live slightly spread out from each other so as to spread a bit of happiness.
JUST DANDY – Whoever refers to Dandelions as being weeds doesn’t know their strength (tongue in cheek for that one).
TALKING TREES: Can you sense or even see the movement of the trees in this one?
PECULIAR PATCHWORK: Scattered here and there are these lovely petunias. At least I think they are petunias.
TRIPLE TREAT: Look at those colours ….
WITH A PINCH OF SALT: If the contents of this little sachet were scattered on the ground then I suppose they could be called the salt of the earth.
NATURAL: No rubbish that I can see here so for once, nature can be natural.
BULBOUS: I wonder that this is going to become.
GREENERY: This might be weeds and yet it’s greenery adds to the beauty.
MISPLACED FOCUS: Pity this plant is a bit blurry – but I suppose it makes for a colour burst in this photo any way.
BEE(N) THERE DONE THAT: It looks like there is a little bee in this one.
STALKER: I wonder if these plants think that I am one of these considering I am always taking photo’s of either them directly or of their friends.
BARREN YET BREAKING THROUGH: Well done little soldier plants for striving to make a difference in this near-barren piece of land.



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