Cheree McEwen appeals for help with cancer treatment

Komani resident Cheree McEwen, who works for Beyond Yourself Beauty in Baysville, East London, is appealing to the community to help raise funds for desperately needed cancer treatment.

STAYING STRONG: Cancer sufferer Cheree McEwen

The GO! & Express previously reported that McEwen is battling stage 4 melanoma which has left her with hefty medical bills. At the time, she was without medical aid.

According to her husband, Don Holmes, stage 4 metastatic melanoma spreads rapidly through the body and can appear anywhere because it has invaded blood cells and the lymphatic system.

Since the last interview, seven new tumours have appeared under her skin. While she was able to have most of them removed through surgery, one tumour remains on her left hand.

“The growth in her hand has entangled itself in Cheree’s nerves, muscles, and tendons and cannot be completely removed,” said Holmes.

The operation has left McEwen her in extreme pain and she is unable to work.

McEwen was able to go on medical aid five months ago, but is currently on a one-year probationary period because of her pre-existing condition. Therefore, she cannot claim any payments relating to her cancer.

The family is now raising funds for Keytruda, a specialised cancer medication that will be used in combination with targeted chemotherapy. McEwen will need a minimum of six sessions, with each session costing R108,000. They have managed to raise R78,000 so far.

“The therapy we are looking at is different from traditional chemotherapy in that it enables the human body’s own immune system to see the cancer as a threat and attack it,” said Holmes.

As well as being married to Don, Holmes, McEwen is also mother to two children.

“I’m not scared of death, my faith is strong – my heart just breaks for my little boys,” she said.

To donate towards Cheree McEwen’s medical costs, go to their Backabuddy account or transfer funds to their bank account:

Cheree McEwen Treatment Fund
FNB Beacon Bay
Branch code: 250109
Account Number: 62787873118


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