Writers, poets can win prizes, get published in competition

EDIT: Banking details have been updated

Non-profit organisation Whisper from the Heart Poetry Club is hosting their annual writing competition, Poetry International 2019, and is calling for entries.

The competition is open to anyone 18 years and above.

Submissions can consist of poems no longer than 32 lines or short stories no longer than 2,000 words.

The competition is open until the end of September or until 250 entries have been submitted.
While submissions can be in any genre and deal with any topic, organisers have asked that writers keep their work “family friendly”.

Writers are also allowed to submit as many entries as they like, although there is an entry fee for each submission.

“We have a lot of overseas entries at US $30 [about R420] entry and no limit. But to make it affordable for South Africans, we are asking for R200 for three entries,” Poetry Club editor Stan Almendro said.

“In the case of South Africa, every three poems will cost one entry fee but you do get a book each time you enter.”

Entries will be collected at the end of 2019 and published in a compilation titled The Book of Verse and Short Stories. The book will be available for purchase through Whisper from the Heart, while entrants whose work is published will receive a copy for free.

Entrants stand a chance to win one of three prizes: First place will receive R5,000; second place will receive R3,000; and third place will receive R1,500. Winners will be announced four weeks after closing, with prizes awarded six weeks after closing.

Entries (and inquiries) can be submitted to stan@whisperpoetry.com or giselle@whisperpoetry.com or call  013-932-3182.

Payment can be made upon entering to the following account: Poetry Galore, ABSA Bank 5059551028.


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