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A Cape parrot Picture: CAPE PARROT PROJECT

The East London Museum is calling on the community to assist to put together an exhibition on the Cape parrot.

This exhibition, in collaboration with the Cape Parrot Project (CPP), aims to highlight the plight of the endangered species and the research being done to conserve the parrot and its ecosystem.

Museum exhibition designer Louanne Kirton said the project aims to provide an informative and educational exhibit.

“There are currently about 1,500 individuals of this species, which is endemic to SA, remaining in the wild,” Kirton said.

As part of the exhibition Kirton would like to showcase 1,500 two dimensional birds made from wooden board which would be hung in the gallery. The museum hopes to have these birds laser cut, which can be a costly and lengthy process.

BIRD CRAFT: Laser cut wooden motifs of the Cape parrots that will hopefully be decorated and adorn the museum during the upcoming exhibition Picture: AMANDA NANO

“We’re in need of 3mm MDF/super wood to make these craft birds,” she said.

The birds will be decorated with crushed recycled glass in the colours of the Cape parrots.

Red and white glass or fragments of glass can be dropped off by the public at the museum to be crushed by DNF Waste and Environmental Services.

“We’re hoping to host workshops to decorate the birds at a minimal cost. The funds raised will be donated to the CPP,” Kirton said.

Art schools, art teachers, pupils and the public are encouraged to get involved in this ambitious and informative project. Businesses could even use the workshop as a team building event for staff members.


Volunteers are also needed to assist with the installation, even if just for a morning or an afternoon.

“We’re also in need of speakers with a flash player to play the call or communication of the bird,” Kirton said.

For more information, contact Louanne on 074-116-5205 or e-mail

Cape Parrot Project needs your help


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