Hudson boosts learning

Hudson Park High School will now offer dynamic additional programmes for academics.

Extension maths, thinking skills and other specialised classes will be on offer to almost all grades.

Hudson Park schools development manager Kirsty Dell said that in a large school environment, it’s often easy to fall into a routine that caters for middle-of-the-road education.

“The school has elected to separate our top mathematics pupils in grade 8 from the rest of the class to be taught extension maths by a dedicated teacher. This allows these pupils to enjoy the benefit of having like-minded peers in the class,” Dell said.

The remaining pupils will have smaller classes which will enable more attention and tutoring from their class teacher.

SPECIALISED CLASSES: Hudson Park High School pupils hard at work with the new offering of academic programmes Picture: SUPPLIED

Thinking skills classes aim to expand pupils’ skills in remembering, understanding, application, analysis, creative solutions and evaluation.

“Life does not have a reset button and this is why we have chosen to use old-school games to reignite the opportunity to learn these critical thinking skills more precisely,” she said.

According to Dell, the youth of today have moved away from the old-school board games onto more technology-based games. Many board games are now available online but too often it comes with shortcuts, instant replays, and cancel buttons that allow the player to reset without thinking the game plan through.

The elevate education programme is aimed at grades 8 and 11. Young presenters who are often still at university, will engage with the pupils to assist with time management and study skills.

“There will be three contact sessions throughout the year where our teachers and parents will be presented with an overview of the programme so they may be equipped to assist pupils in the classroom and at home,” Dell said.


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