On the rise: Prepare to cough up more for booze, cigarettes and fuel

Image: 123RF/Stefano Carnevali

South Africans are set to cough up even more for tobacco and alcohol, following yet another increase on sin taxes announced by finance minister Tito Mboweni on Wednesday.

If you’re feeling the pinch, one option to save money would be to swap your favourite tipple of whiskey or sparkling wine for sorghum beer, which will not be affected by the new increases in excise duty or sin tax.

Excise duty on a can of beer goes up by 12c to R1,74, while a 750ml bottle of wine will have an excise duty of R3,15, which is 22c more. The duty on a 750ml bottle of sparkling wine goes up by 84c to R10,16, while the duty on a bottle of whiskey increases by R4,54 to R65,84.

Mboweni announced that excise duty on a pack of 20 cigarettes will go up by R1,14 to R16,66 and will rise by about 64c to R7,80 on a typical cigar.

Fuel levies will increase by 29c per litre for petrol and 30c per litre for diesel.

According to the Treasury’s 2019 Budget Review document, the government proposes to increase excise duties on tobacco products by between 7.4% and 9%.

Image: Nolo Moima
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