Development gala a ‘great’ platform for future swim stars

PUSHING OFF THE BLOCKS: Young boys’ swimmers taking part in the Aquanova Junior Star Gala

The bi-annual Aquanova Aquatic Club’s Guppy and Junior Star Gala took place on a sunny Saturday amid a throng of parents and children at the Cambridge Primary School pool.

This development gala is the first one of its kind for 2019 the year and involved almost 20 schools and swimming clubs from the Buffalo City Metro (BCM) area.

Aquanova president Andrew Greener said the developmental gala was aimed at is meant for moderate to good swimmers.

“It’s very much geared towards swimming development, and we also use it as a club fundraiser,” Greener said.

Piranhas Aquatics swimming coach Nathan Johnannisen said this the gala was a great platform to encourage young swimmers.

“It opens up their minds that there are more possibilities and this also gets them into a positive mindset. “We also can take things back which we can improve on,” Johnannisen said. Although the Parkside-based club’s training is paying off, transportation to some venues can be a problem.

“The parents are quite supportive, and the ones who that can make it do come. We’ve also received a lot of support from surrounding schools and teachers,” Johnannisen said.

The next event is in November.

For more information, e-mail or WhatsApp 078-175-9154.


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