DA’s promises service delivery

DA EC premier campaign spokesperson of basic services Kevin Mileham and DA Team One SA spokesperson for basic services Makashule Gana, undertook a service delivery inspection to Velwano and Manyano locations, Mdantsane on Tuesday.

FALLING APART: The poor state of housing was one of the key issues highlighted during the DA’s recent service delivery inspection in Velwano and Manyano Locations

“The lives of community members, especially children, in the Buffalo City Metro [BCM] are being placed at risk due to the municipality’s inability to deliver electricity to its residents,” Mileham said.

According to Mileham, Manyano was clear evidence of the effect illegal electricity connections had on communities

“People living on one side of the street have the luxury of street lights and electricity to their houses, while people on the other side of the street have legal connections, but no electricity is being fed to their houses,” he said.

“The street lights are also not operational,” Mileham said during their inspection.

And, because of this, residents resorted to illegal connections since this was the only way they could power their homes.

Velwano was no better, with many incomplete houses being found in the area.

“People have moved into these houses, even though they have no water, sanitation or electricity available. Many of the roofs are incomplete and the houses have no guttering,” Mileham said.

“The state of disrepair of these houses is a threat to the health and safety of residents and the DA will escalate their plight to the National Assembly to request urgent intervention.”


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