Ginger drink all the rage

After suffering from an auto immune disease, the benefits of ginger presented Simone Klaasen with a business opportunity to spread some “Ginger Love”.

And a near-death experience further prompted her and a family member to start a business that has the herb as a main ingredient.

“One night coming down Batting Bridge in Beacon Bay, our family was almost killed in a car accident and I saw the hand of God that night.

“I told my husband that God has a purpose and vision for us to heal people,” Klaasen said about the business.

SPICE AND LOVE: The all popular Ginger Love elixir. Picture: Riaan Oosthuyzen

Together with Klaasen’s sister-in-law, Virginia Brown, the pair experimented with different ingredients to come up with perfect combinations.

“Our family used it and there were amazing results. I had energy again and the ache in my bones had disappeared,” Klaasen said.

They decided to club their savings and posted their ginger offering on hen they decided to put money together, buy a bottle and label and post it on Facebook as a wellness drink.

Such was the feedback, that the business has grown to include This has grown into condiments such as peri-peri sauce and Fifi’s Beet sauce.

The products have made their way to stores countrywide, as well as in Namibia.

“We have reps and agents in various towns and cities, including local SPAR in the province and Toast Deli in Selborne,” she said.

“I was very sick [at one stage] and on medication that made me feel worse.

“I used ginger and took myself off all medication,” and no doctor would advocate this,” Klaasen said.

“My brother, Calvin Brown, had a mild heart attack in 2014 so his wife, Virginia experimented and soon enough he went off his medication,” she said.

For more information, contact Ginger Love on 083-785-8825 via voice call or WhatsApp.

Alternatively, visit their Facebook page, “Ginger Love”.


  1. Hi
    I want sell the product the people really wants the Ginger but i pay more for it then making Profit .
    I must pay the agent and Currier fees and public dont want to pay the R80.00; Can i become a third party agent hence i have small surrounding towns that i cover .
    The third party agent stays about 380km away from me please help!!!


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