DA says BCM is ‘dodging’ call to close EL zoo

The DA has hit out at Buffalo City Metro (BCM) for failing to discuss their motion to close the EL Zoo at March’s council meeting.

NO ACTION: The DA is calling out BCM for failing to address their motion to close the EL Zoo, while BCM claims continues to claim there is nothing wrong
Picture: MADELEINE CHAPUT © Daily Dispatch

DA councillor Annette Rademeyer said BCM council speaker Skuta Alfred Mtsi kept “dodging the issue” despite numerous requests for the motion to be discussed.

“No attempt was made to discuss the motion or provide answers to the questions,” Rademeyer said.

“The animals which that are imprisoned in [the EL Zoo] have to languish under inhumane conditions with no positive changes made to their living conditions and no tangible environmental enrichment provided to them.”

The motion proposed four actions:

  • The acknowledgement by the municipality that it cannot afford to maintain the zoo
  • All zoo animals that can be relocated are transferred to an approved sanctuary
  • Animals which are old, infirm or psychologically impaired are humanely euthanised
  • The zoo is closed within six months and is reopened as a botanical garden

When asked for comment, BCM spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya said they were unable to comment on matters brought before the council.

However, last month, BCM released a statement where they rebuffing a number of complaints laid against the EL Zoo.

In the statement, Ngwenya said that contrary to popular opinion, the jaguar enclosure was not inadequate “in terms of compromising its health” but did say there were plans in place to enlarge it.

Ngwenya also said that the brown bear was is in good health, and for its age, was of adequate size and standard.



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