Requiem ticks most of the boxes

Netflix’s Requiem is the definition of a mixed bag.

On the one hand it has , you have amazing atmosphere, an interesting story, and one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in a while. On the other, there are you have some really average performances that threaten to undo it all. all of it.

The story follows Lydia Wilson as Matilda Grey, a talented up-and- coming cellist whose life is turned upside down when her mother commits suicide in front of her.

After finding mysterious photographs relating to a decades- old missing child case in her mother’s cupboard, Grey and her companion, Harlan Fine, (played by Joel Fry) travel to the small Welsh town of Penllynith to find answers.

What starts out as a mystery thriller, quickly takes on a more supernatural tone, and before long, Grey finds herself having to deal with grisly rituals, Satanic cults, and even vengeful spirits. The series draws from classic Gothic horror pieces such as The Woman in Black, with the supernatural elements remaining refreshingly low-key.

Instead, it focuses on building a growing sense of dread, where the characters (and audience) know something is wrong but aren’t ever sure what exactly it is.

It’s a fantastic approach and is sure to keep you entertained. It helps that the music is absolutely gorgeous and really builds on that brooding Gothic atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the acting can leave much to be desired.

I found Wilson to be the worst of the lot, often acting vague and disconnected from what’s going on around her. It was really distracting and prevents one preventing me from investing in her character. as much as I wanted.

Thankfully the rest of the cast manage to pull through and salvage the series.


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