#Blessed’ shines a spotlight

#BLESSED: Cebo Ndzimela, left, plays Skha and Sinelizwi Teka plays Lisa during the social justice play #Blessed

Jenny Bryson Moorcroft Theatre’s four-day social justice play #Blessed came to an end on Sunday at the Arts Theatre in East London.

Set in East London, the show follows the story of three school girls: Precious, Lisa and Megan.

Precious is was academically focused focused and doesn’t fall into the trap of the “blessed” culture, but her friend, Lisa, hooks up with a local driver, Skha, who provides for her financially and materialistically in exchange for sex. of sleeping with her.

Megan has no choice and is sold by didn’t have a choice as her father sells her to an old man.

The GO! reported (“Sugar dads in spotlight”, December 20 2018) that Jen Bryson Moorcroft Theatre, together with Cornerstone Anti-Human Trafficking Institute, seeks to create awareness and a forum to discuss the issue.

Producer Jen Bryson Moorcroft said the play had been adapted from a script written in 2015 about the “blesser” phenomenon.

“It interrogates the relationships between “blessers” and “blessees” as a part of youth aspirational culture,” said Moorcroft said.

She said they would also invite local NGOs and legal professionals to give expert advice and engage the community.

According to Moorcroft, the play is part of their #ArtistsAgainstSlavery movement, in which where artists educate and create awareness about issues of human trafficking through their work.

“We can’t do this alone.

“We have to involve others to help educate and create awareness about human trafficking,” she said. said.

After the play,At the end of the play, a panel discussion was held, where the there was a discussion where a panel of the actors and audience spoke about discussed the dynamics of the “blesser and blessee” lifestyle.

“As creatives, we have the ability to capture people’s attention with our art.

“Art is visual and it communicates across language barriers, cultural differences, generation gaps, demographic preferences, geographic borders, political alliance and religious affiliation.

“It doesn’t matter what medium or genre you create in.  “The possibilities are endless,” said Moorcroft said.


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