Do your part to keep BCM litter-free

Last month, I wrote about how the lack of bins around BCM contribute to littering. This week, I want to follow up on this.

Litter found at the boardwalk at Nahoon Reef

I still stand by my claim that the absence of dustbins encourages littering. However, as with most things, this is only one side of the problem. Even if BCM got its act together and organised a mass roll out of bins every five meters, it wouldn’t change if people chose to ignore them.

The picture accompanying this column was taken by me two weeks ago at the Nahoon Boardwalk. This particular lookout spot was littered with evidence of a picnic with fast food packets, napkins, drink bottles, and so forth strewn all over the place.

There was also an empty bin less than one meter away. Scenes like this make it easy to see why many people are quick to lay all the blame at the door of individuals. There was really no excuse for leaving the boardwalk in such a state other than sheer laziness and, sadly, this is just one example.

The rest of the beach at Nahoon Reef was similarly littered with all manner of waste caught up in the rocks and bushes.

Bins are only useful if we use them and while some blame should go to BCM, we also have to do our part to keep our metro clean.


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