Job-seekers worldwide warned of recruitment scam

The public has been warned to beware of scams linked to job emails.  Image: iStock

A blast of spam emails has been detected in 2019, featuring fake job offers that seem to come from HR recruiters in large corporations, says a global cybersecurity company.

“However, the emails actually came from spammers and installed money-stealing malware on users’ devices,” Kaspersky Lab said in a statement.

“Spam emails are an often underestimated threat, yet they can spread malware through social engineering methods like deception and psychological manipulation, and claim many victims,” it added.

In its Spam and Phishing in Q1 2019 report, the company said recipients of the spam emails were offered a tempting position in a large company.

They were invited to join a job-search system free by installing a special application on their device that would provide access to the job-search database.

To make the installation process look trustworthy, the attackers accompanied it with a pop-up window carrying the words “DDoS Protection” and a fake message that claimed the user was being redirected to the website of one of the largest recruitment agencies.

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