Pupils benefit from sex education drive

SEX ED: Masithethe employee Sindiswa Mbinqo sharing knowledge with pupils of Luncedo Pre-Primary School

Luncedo Pre-Primary School, situated in Stoney Drift township, held a sex education programme – “Good touch, Bad Touch” – hosted by Masithethe Counselling Services.

The 50 pupils who participated were provided with information aimed at protecting them from potentially harmful situations. n keeping them safe and preventing them from entering harmful situations.

Masithethe director Jackie Orsmond said the children were given knitted toys provided by Cambridge-based organisation Helping Hands.

“The ‘Protective Behaviours’ approach was used which is a practical, empowering approach to personal safety,” Orsmond said.

“It is a process that gives knowledge on keeping yourself safe and reporting to a trusted adult. This is achieved by recognising feeling safe, trusting our intuitive feelings [early warning signs] that tell us when we are feeling unsafe and strategies for self-protection which links safety and fun. the children were taught a safety song as well.

“Masithethe’s goal is to see members of our communities living happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

“To facilitate this emotional wellness within individuals, Masithethe contributes significantly to a comprehensive community programme that links HIV/AIDS, gender violence, victim empowerment, emotional distress and relationship difficulties,” said Orsmond.

She said counselling normally dealt with emotional crisis, trauma, abuse, violence, relationships, youth related issues, work related issues, loneliness, illness and feelings of hurt, anger, frustration, rejection, disappointment and intentions of suicide.


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