Mdantsane maths centre opened doors

Mdantsane-born Khanyisa Dyonashe is excelling at the University of Cape Town (UCT) thanks to the help of the Kutlwanong Promaths Centre.

MATHS BOFFIN: Khanyisa Dyonashe has gone from excelling in school to pursuing a mathematics degree at UCT

Dyonashe matriculated graduated matric in 2018 with an astounding 89% in maths and science and this year, she began studying towards a degree in actuarial science.

Helping her in her academic journey was the Mdanstane branch of the Kutlwanong Promaths Centre, an oranisation that which provides extra maths and science lessons to pupils students in grades 10 through 12 from Friday to Sunday.

“Over three years, Kutlwanong trebled my love for the subject [maths] and ultimately my potential. It made my love for maths far more rewarding and it really pushed me to my limits,” said Dyonashe.

The Mdantsane centre, funded by ICT group Datatec, has achieved much success over the years and has helped many pupils students excel at maths and science. The centre also provides pre-packed lunches for pupils students and offers career planning and guidance.

“The pupils are tested frequently, which was really good practice for the final exams.

“For instance, my Promaths teacher collected exam papers from as far back as 2010, which enabled us to practise and answer questions from many different angles,” Dyonashe said.

In addition to the extra tuition, Dyonashe said she could can always turn to her family for help and support when things got tough.

“The work is intense so I call my mom when I need to and I rely on my varsity friends for support.

“I really wanted to do this for my parents, to make them proud, as they sacrificed a lot for me,” she said.

Dyonashe was in a group of worked with more than over 120 other pupils, split into classes of 30 students each.

“This really motivated me, as there were a lot of brilliant learners in the class. You may be the top learner at your school but at Promaths, there are top learners from other schools, so there’s healthy competition and this just pushed me further,” Dyonashe said.

She also encouraged members of the private sector to get involved with helping to provide education opportunities for disadvantaged youth.

“Funding programmes like Promaths is a good investment, both for you as a business and for the country as well as it addresses a massive skills gap, especially among black professionals in the financial services industry. It’s a win-win for everyone,” she said.


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