Mental health discussion, support

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: The staff of Masithethe Counselling Services celebrated 35 years of existence. Picture: SUPPLIED.

Mental health is an epidemic issue that affects many and Masithethe Counselling Services is tackling the societal challenges by introducing a brand new discussion and support group at its centre at 3 St James Road, Southernwood.

The “Let’s Talk” support and discussion group will meet on the third Saturday of the month.

“The aim of the group is to provide a safe space where people who are likely to have a common purpose can understand one another as well as the benefits of benefit from participating in discussion, thereby supporting each other in feeling less lonely, isolated or judged,” said Masithethe director Jackie Orsmond.

Orsmond said they were hopeful that with the new group opening, the organisation could help reduce stress, depression and anxiety while promoting mutual understanding, respect, tolerance and acceptance.

“By helping others, people in a support group are able to strengthen and empower themselves.

“Individuals help each other by openly sharing their challenges and successes and it is known that they are more able to maintain happier, healthier lifestyles,” Orsmond said.

The group will be facilitated by a trained Masithethe volunteer counsellor, but Orsmond stressed that the group was not intended to be a counselling session.

“Members will become empowered and able to identify their own requirements for further personal development, and be made aware of the services that Masithethe is able to provide in this regard.

“We hope to reach the point where topic-based discussion, which will be identified by the needs of the group, will be able to take place.

“Through this we anticipate promoting mutual emotional and practical support and information-sharing amongst members,” she said.

The first support group will be on July 20 and will start at 2pm.

For more information, people can contact the centre on 043-722-2000,


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