Eucalyptus tree a natural cure-all

GOLDEN LEAVES: Eucalyptus leaves are not just good for koalas Picture: FILE

Anastacia Sampson

Koala bears, native to Australia, really do enjoy munching on eucalyptus leaves. For humans, however, excessive intake of this plant can cause confusion and possible fatalities.

Interestingly, the first indigeinous Australians are known to have recogniszed that the native eucalyptus tree is holy and can cleanse negative energy.

Indeed, as years have gone by, the eucalyptus plant has been used medicinally for coughs, asthma and many upper and lower respiratory ailments.

It is also supports your home by being a disinfectant and protector from mold.

Pets do well with the oil too! Eucalyptus infused collars repel fleas and horses with the flu have also been known to be given eucalyptus oil.

Is this tree magical, with miniscule traces of gold sometimes found in the leaves?

If there is gold around this tree’s roots, it is said that the tree finds it toxic and tries to get rid of it through its leaves!

The trees have been planted in other parts of the world to help combat malaria with fast-growing plantations since it can grow over two meters per a year.

This is great for sourcing steady supplies of hard wood, which this tree proudly bears, to build homes and furniture. There are now about over more than 600 species and varieties of this prolific tree.

While the leaves have a cooling effect, it is known to have been used as an antiseptic for wounds and traditional fever remedy.

This plant’s oils, extracted from the plant’s leaves, hold high acclaim as natural antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal remedies.

Eucalyptus is fabulous great as a vapour for inhaling to clear your sinuses and chest complaints. Test yourself first with a little, as some people are sensitive to some aromatherapy oils.

During exams or while studying, try some of the oil to help you stay alert and awake. Applying the oil topically is drying for oily and acne-prone skin.

Even though we are not in Australia, the eucalyptus tree’s special magical properties can reach you, your home and perhaps even your pet.


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