Big strides for Parkland pupils

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Parkland Special School held their annual Big Walk on Friday, with the pupils divided into three groups to walk around Beacon Bay.

The walk consisted of three routes: 1km, 3km and 6km.

Parkland teacher Parkland Special School said the walk is part of a fund-raising project for the school in which they were and they are aiming to reach a target of R50,000.

“This is part of the physical education curriculum, as we want the pupils to be active and loosen as their muscles.

“We are currently sitting on R20,000 so far, and we are pushing to actually pass the 50k mark which we reached in last year,” Van Tonder said.

She said one of the challenges the school face is that some of the pupils come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“We decided to let the pupils wear their own clothes at the big walk, as some of them cannot afford to buy physical training gear.

“Some of the parents cannot sign their consent forms because they cannot understand English.

“I feel that a lot of effort should be put in the pupils, learners, regardless of their conditions,” said Van Tonder.


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