Fresh car-jamming alert after crackdown in Pretoria nabs 28 suspects

Car jamming is still a problem.
Image: Kozyrskyi

Gauteng police are cautioning motorists to be alert to anyone approaching their vehicles in parking areas and of car jammers.

The advisory from the provincial commissioner comes after an operation in Sunnyside, east of Pretoria, which led to the arrest of 28 suspects in three months for alleged car break-ins and theft from motor vehicles.

Motorists should not feel safer due to the presence of informal car parkers, as sometimes these were the culprits, said police.

On Wednesday, a 34-year-old man was arrested after allegedly being caught with a jamming device in Stanza Bopape Street in Sunnyside.

“Jamming devices are believed to be among the most preferred implements used by thieves to gain access into motor vehicles in Sunnyside and other adjacent suburbs,” said police.

“While parking their cars, motorists are cautioned to guard against suspects yanking the rear doors open, which enables the suspects to access vehicles as soon as the owner is out of sight.

“By physically testing car doors after alighting from their vehicles, motorists should be able to safeguard against car-jamming devices.”



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