Pure coffee easy to brew at home

Coffee is the world’s No1-selling beverage, and  if we look closer to home, its popularity in SA  is growing by the day.

Internationally, the world coffee market is worth more than over US$100bn (R1.5bn),  which places it second only to oil.

The Europeans and the Americans are the largest consumers.

Locally, the coffee market is certainly growing. We put this down to consumers being exposed to pure coffee in the workplace, at many of the national food franchises and at the growing number of coffee shops and restaurants which now serve good-quality, pure coffee.

Pure coffee is a lot easier to brew at home than many consumers think.

A French press, or a plunger, is one of the easiest, most efficient and cheapest methods of brewing.

A plunger, depending on the size, can be purchased for less than R100 and will give many years’ good service.

Compared to the expensive capsule option, coffee brewed in a plunger or one of the many other home brewing options available will probably cost less than R2 per cup, whereas capsules can cost up to R10 each.

At the top end of the price scale are the many automatic machines on the market.

These modern engineering masterpieces produce restaurant-quality coffee, along with textured milk, at the press of a single button.

In addition to home use, appropriately-sized automatic machines are commonly available for use in the office environment.

Good coffee is fast becoming an  expectation rather than a luxury.

Alan Hawkins is the chief roaster and founder of Cutman & Hawk Coffee. www.elcoffee.co.za



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