Mobile car wash on the go with big future plans

YOUNG WOMEN IN BUSINESS: From left, Zikhona Tshokotsha, Pelokazi Mayeza and Thembisa Ngomane wash a client’s car. Picture: AMANDA NANO

A vibrant energy filled the air as Thembisa Ngomane, Zikhona Tshokotsha and Pelokazi Mayeza completed their first car wash appointment of the day on Tuesday.

Ngomane, 28, decided to start the East Coast Mobile Car Wash after seeing a video on YouTube.

“I consulted my brother about it and asked him to assist me in buying some of the equipment as I also had some savings of my own,” she said.

The next step was finding committed people to work with, and so she reached out on Facebook.

Tshokotsha and Mayeza heeded the call as they were both unemployed mechanical engineering graduates at the time.

“I was impressed by the idea and I did not want to sit and do nothing. It’s been a good experience so far and we do not know who we could meet to help us get further,” Mayeza said.

Starting the business in April, the trio are equipped with a water tank, generator, power hose, vacuum cleaner and cleaning chemicals.

They hope to also purchase protective clothing in the future.

The water tank is an attempt to use water sparingly while still getting the job done properly.

The East Coast Mobile Car wash. Picture: AMANDA NANO

Ngomane said that time management was crucial in the business.

“We have to drive to the location of the client, unpack the equipment, wash the car and then pack up the equipment and drive to the next appointment,” she said.

Their aim is to get through five to six cars a day, and hopefully increase it to seven. However, the trio struggle to cover East London with one car.

“I thought the idea for this car wash was innovative. I do not think I will stop even when I find a job, I will find the time to wash cars,” Tshokotsha said.

Although they the trio are trying to source funding on their own to grow the business, assistance of any kind is welcome.

East Coast Mobile Car Wash can be reached through WhatsApp on 068-111-8588 or e-mail at


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