ConCourt ruling on spanking children: Social media weighs in

Cebelihle Bhengu

The Constitutional Court ruling that spanking children is illegal has drawn mixed reactions on social media.

In a statement on Wednesday‚ the ConCourt said the ruling had its roots in a 2017 case‚ in which a father was convicted of assaulting his 13-year-old son. It further stated that the ruling was meant to advance SA towards non-violence.

Human rights groups‚ including Sonke Gender Justice and The Children’s Institute‚ said chastising children by spanking them unjustifiably limited their rights to dignity and freedom from violence and amounted to assault.

Some were far from pleased‚ while others asked for tips on how to best raise children without subjecting them to violence.

(There is no evidence that corporal punishment is an effective method of discipline and it has been shown to have severely negative effects on the child – Ed)



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