“Dark” tells a familiar tale with a unique twist

Dark feels a lot like a Stranger Things spin-off, where the children are now all grown up.

Take out the annoying pop culture references, translate it into German and you’d be hard-pressed to tell Dark is in a separate universe.

This isn’t to say the two projects are exactly the same.

Where Stranger Things focused on the existence of alternate dimensions, Dark instead explores the possibility of time-travel.

However, there are a lot of similarities that might be hard to ignore for some.

Thankfully, Dark has plenty going for it that helps it stand apart.

Personally, one of the best aspects parts of the show is was the way the creators link would link past and present events. The show often flips back and forth between the main characters’ present lives and their childhoods, with some great cinematography to help nail the theme home.

The ten-episode series packs plenty of punch, with a number of surprises which are sure to keep viewers guessing where the story will go next.


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