Sanco hosts community meeting to assist Breidbach PS

Fed up with the bad behaviour of pupils and parents at Breidbach Primary School (BPS), the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) decided to intervene and hosted a community meeting in partnership with the school at the Breidbach Community Hall last week.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Breidbach Primary School principal head Gareth Fourie explains some of the day-to-day challenges encountered at the school during a community meeting held in Breidbach last week

Sanco ward 44 branch secretary Stacey Gosling said they invited all respective stakeholders, including members of the Eastern Cape provincial department of education (DoE), SAPS, church leaders, parents and members of the community.

BPS principal Gareth Fourie took the audience and guests through the challenges they encounter at the school on a daily basis.

Fourie spoke about pupils failing to wear uniform, bringing drugs to school, damaging school property and bullying.

“Bad discipline by pupils is the order of the day with some of them coming to school but refusingt to attend classes – even now that they are writing exams,” Fourie said.

“There has also been were break-ins, pupils are damaging school property while some disrupt classes and bully others which is an infringement on to the rights of other pupils.” learners.”

Fourie said that as educators, they are spending more time on disciplinary hearings than teaching in classes.

Breidbach Education Action Committee secretary Marlon May said charity begins at home and wanted to know what has happened to the principle of “My child is your child and your child is mine”.

“I am pleading with all parents to take their responsibilities seriously, discipline their children at home and to respond whenever they have been summoned to the school,” said May.

Colonel Nomvuyo Mrwebi from the SAPS, responded to the issues of break-ins and the selling of drugs at the school and urged the community to report such matters to the police.

DoE secretary-general Dr Soyisile Nuku thanked all stakeholders for their presence and mentioned that the focus should be on the children.

“You can’t defend your children when they do wrong and we want to thank the community leaders for the invitation and SAPS for being here,” Nuku said.


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