Teaching kids and adults how to swim

SWIMMING SAFETY: From left, Emma Fraser and Wanda Steyn have started Winner Extreme Swimming Academy. Picture: AMANDA NANO

Two experienced swimming coaches, Wanda Steyn and Emma Fraser, have joined forces to start a swimming school in East London.

The Winners Extreme Swimming Academy is for aimed at all ages and is aimed at teaching aims to teach water safety skills.

“Sometimes we take being able to swim for granted.

“I love watching the adults learn how to swim. Getting them water safe and helping them get over their fears is rewarding,” Fraser said.

Fraser ran her own swimming school for three years, but had a challenge of swimming instructors leaving for greener pastures.

She approached Steyn, who ran a swimming school for 13 years, for some assistance.

“Emma gave me a call and asked if I would mind helping her with an instructor.

“That was when we thought of starting something together, sharing problems and doing things together,” Steyn said.

The school boasts two indoor heated pools and a transport service to pick up and drop off children from their school.

“We’re working with precious cargo and it is important that you treat them as your own.

“I cannot stress enough at how important water safety is as someone who had a near- drowning experience when I was little,” Fraser said.

Steyn reiterated that safety and honesty are important in their business, as well as knowing who is teaching and transporting the children.

She said it was important to keep the knowledge fresh in their students’ minds.

“One should swim throughout the year so they retain the knowledge, especially the younger children.

“They start their lessons here in our smaller pool before moving on to a bigger pool,” Steyn said.

For more information, contact 076-011-2571 or e-mail winnersswimmingacademy@gmail.com


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