‘Set of wheels’ inspires

GIFT OF INDEPENDENCE: From left: PnA Stationers Penny the mascot, Sasha Prinsloo, Clarette Arends, Lauren Lubbe and Herlaine Primce. Picture: AMAND NANO

Clarette Arends said she feels a deep sense of gratitude after receiving her new wheelchair at the PnA Wheelchair handover in East London on Tuesday.

Initially diagnosed with an an overactive thyroid, the 49 year old’s condition worsened and she started to fall.

“I was in denial at first because I used to do everything myself and then started to get a feeling that I’m a burden.

“ I have now accepted my condition,” Arends said.

Arends’ aunt, Herlaine Primce, explained that Arends’ doctors have said that nothing further can be done for her except to keep her comfortable, ensure she gets regular check-ups and ensure she takes medication.

“Besides the overactive thyroid, we found out that Clarette had a curved spine.

“Some of her organs have shifted to the right and her body lacks Vitamin B12 which causes seizures,” Primce said.

Frere Hospital occupational therapist Lauren Lubbe said Arends’ diagnosis is rare but also fluctuates.

“The wheelchair will enable her to be a member of society.

“Our main function is to make sure that our patients are as independent as possible,” Lubbe said.

This wheelchair handover is the 20th for PnA Stationers and the Sweethearts Foundation has handed over 294 wheelchairs to date.

Arends could not control her joy as she received her set of wheels.

“I am happy with the level of care my aunt has given me and I pray the Lord may give her many more years,” Arends said.


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