Workshop on how the body responds

Local business Inspired Personal Development will host be hosting a free kinesiology workshop at their premises in on Pearce Street this Saturday.

The workshop is is free and open to all.

HEALING TOUCH: Inspired Personal Development founder and owner Callie Knickelbein with her dog Willow

According to founder and owner Callie Knickelbein, IPD studies the way the body moves in order to help clients overcome personal obstacles.

“We use the body for muscle testing, and in most instances, my client lays down on a massage table and then I use slight pressure on the muscles,” Knickelbein said.

She then asks her the client questions and feels how their body reacts when they answer. answering.

According to her, a person’s subconscious causes the body to react in ways they are not the person isn’t always fully aware of because of early “programming” that begins at a young age.

Programming, in this instance, refers to the external factors that influence a person’s behaviour such as parents, siblings, friends and so on.

“Because our brain is at such a hypnotic state, we absorb everything and we don’t know what to do with it.

“That affects us for the rest of our lives and we’re not even aware of it,” said Knickelbein said.

A kinesiology session typically begins with a conversation between the client and Knickelbein so that she can try and pinpoint where their problem lies.

“It will come out in their wording, in the things they say,” she said.

Once discovering the cause, Knickelbein uses various techniques to help her clients try overcome their problem.

“What I do is find the subconscious block and correct it.”

During the workshop, Knickelbein will teach attendees basic kinesiology techniques so that they can test themselves.

For example, she said, one activity will involve attendees standing up and observing how their body leans in certain directions.

“Your body will lean in one direction if you think happy thoughts and it will lean in another way if you think really stressful thoughts,” she said.

“I’m going to be teaching them a number of ways they can help themselves in stressful situations.”

The workshop will starts at 9am.

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