Chess club needs help with training, equipment

The King Chess Club is in desperate need of assistance to equip their growing number of members with training in the game of chess and has called for donations and contributions from local businesses.

CHECK MATE: King Chess Club founder Lawrence Gosling posing with enthusiastic learners of Breidbach Primary School after his presentation on bringing the game of chess to the school. Picture: DESMOND COETZEE

Founding member Lawrence Gosling said the club was initially established in 2014 but had been stagnant for the last few years.

“The challenges we face are mostly the availability of chess sets in order to accommodate a larger number of players.

“There is also the issue of chess clocks, which can be quite expensive,” he said.

Gosling said the club was started because there was a complete chess vaccuum in the community. “Support from various people and institutions, the inherent social problems endemic to our youth, and the opportunity to contribute to the cultural enrichment in the Eastern Cape are all contributing factors,” Gosling said.

He said the club offered basic chess training, instructional sessions and a very extensive digital library of chess books and computer software.

Gosling, with a delegation from the club, gave a presentation on the game of chess at Breidbach Primary School last week.

Breidbach deputy head Eleanor Harmse lauded the initiative.

The club will be providing chess classes for pupils every Wednesday in 2020.


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