Schoolgirls out to make a difference

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Siyavuya Lento, left, and Lunathi
Jaceni have started an organisation that will help underprivileged children Picture: SUPPLIED

Two work hard to help less
fortunate kids

De Vos Malan Hoërskool pupil Siyavuya Lento, 17, along with her friend Lunathi Jaceni, have recently started an organisation called Care Nation that will help underprivileged children around King William’s Town.

“Each day, I would watch my grandmother make food for children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. That inspired me to start the
organisation,” said Lento.

“The main aim for this organisation is making sure that every child has the basic needs
in their lives met: shoes, clothes, food and toiletries.”

Speaking to the GO!, Lento said some children’s homes no longer received grants, which is why they help where they can. Not only are they focusing on children’s homes, but also
schools, hospitals and childheaded homes. They are planning to have more projects
that will help the community.

“For our first project, we went to visit Grey Hospital where we handed over party packets to children and women patients. We also visited a school and distributed sanitary
towels. We are planning to have more projects, but we lack resources —but there are
people who help out which we appreciate,” said Lento.


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