Summerpride helps bring kids hope

MERRY CHRISTMAS: Hope Schools’ Little Sparklers wait in anticipation for their Christmas presents Picture: AMANDA NANO

To commemorate World Aids Day, pupils of Hope Schools were treated to a special Christmas celebration by Summerpride Foods at the school last Friday.

The excited grade R learners enjoyed a variety of activities as they indulged in their party packs, toys as well as a visit from two Father Christmases.

Summerpride Foods’ Nobulali Bikitshi said they had an ongoing partnership with Hope Schools.

“We come here every year to give the children hope and love. The programme focuses on spending the day with the little ones and ensuring that their emotional and physical needs are catered for.

“The children lose their homes for a number of reasons. Some are true orphans with no living parent, some have a living parent who is incapacitated and some have been physically and emotionally abused,” Bikitshi said.

World Aids Day was founded in 1988 to unite people around the world in the fight against HIV, to show support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died due to Aids-related illness.

It was the first ever globally recognised day dedicated to healthcare.


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