Morgan Bay residents pitch in to fix roads

COMING TOGETHER: Residents of Morgan Bay opened the freshly tarred Incarha Drive last week

Nestled in a picturesque corner of the Wild Coast, Morgan Bay serves as a popular vacation spot for many Eastern Cape locals.

With its relaxed atmosphere and stunning beaches, it’s not hard to see why so many are drawn to it.

Sadly, the town’s infrastructure has struggled to keep up with the growing demand.

In addition to regular power and water cuts due to national load shedding, basic things like roads are in a state of disrepair following years of neglect.

Residents were not willing to take this laying down, however, and have come together to do what the municipality often is unable to.

Their latest success was the resurfacing of approximately 200m of road past on Incarha Drive, followed by the paving of 1,000m along Beach Road which runs from the Caravan Park to the Mitford Hotel and halfway up Cherrywood Drive.

Many residents pitched in their own funds to help, including Llewellyn Walters who supplied bitumen for pothole repairs and Glynis Larrett from Independent Group who organised the Incarha Drive resurfacing.

The Ladies of Morgan Bay did their part by fundraising for and organising the beautification of the town, painting signs, planting gardens and cleaning up sections of overgrown bush.

In addition, two fêtes were held which managed to raise a total of R230,000 which, along with donations, went towards tarring and installing drainage along a 300m stretch of Protea Road and the parking space at the Top Shop.


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