Author’s debut novel on gender-based violence

Local resident Sibaphiwe Ndlela published his first book, Nokuthula’s Story, recently. The book took Ndlela three months to complete and is about a girl named Nokuthula who’s life begins to collapse after her father’s death. Ndlela, who started writing 16 years ago, was inspired by his late sister who was an artist.

“My sister could draw pictures which narrated a story without any words. “A year after she passed, I wanted to continue with her legacy and I tried very hard to draw and tell stories by only using pictures, but I wasn’t as good as her.

“So I had to come up with another plan,” he said. Ndlela then discovered his talent for writing, winning awards in a number of poetry competitions he entered. Ndlela then started
challenging his self-held narrative and ventured into public speaking, where his main focus is to convey the message about gender-based violence (GBV) to young men.

“I believe society is very reactive, we tend to take action on something when it has
occurred, instead of preventing it,” he said.

“The main inspiration behind writing my book was to take the whole perspective of gender-based violence and put it into writing, to show society that there are men out there who are willing to fight this GBV epidemic,” he said.


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