BCM water woes continue

Dam levels across province have dropped even further as what is being called the most persistent drought since 2015 and one of the worst in the country’s history continues unabated.

DYING OF THIRST: An empty dam in Adelaide, one of the many towns in the Eastern Cape to succumb to Day Zero as the drought continues

All dams in the BCM area have seen decrease in levels, with only Gubu Dam currently over 50%.

Bridle Drift Dam remains at 40.4%, with no change from its status last week, Gubu dropped to 57.1%, Nahoon currently sits at 44.1%, Rooikrans is at a frightenly low 20.9% and Wriggleswade is now 31.6% full.

All dams are significantly lower now than this same time last year. The biggest annual drop is Wriggleswade, which was 88% full in January 2019.

The dire water shortage has led to the Eastern Cape being declared a disaster area, with premier Oscar Mabuyane saying at least R600m is needed for drought relief in the interim.

Many towns in the province have also already hit the dreaded Day Zero, where all available water is completely used up.

At the same time, local food supply is being put under serious strain as crops whither and livestock die of thirst.

In response to the ongoing water crisis, BCM has implemented Stage 3 water restrictions and has urged residents to save water wherever possible.


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